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Home KG – A Free iPad App for Learning to Write

Home KG is a free iPad designed to help children learn to write all of the letters of the alphabet, numbers one through nine, and ten basic shapes. Children trace the letters (both uppercase and lowercase), numbers, and shapes. Children can save their work in the app. The app has a couple of sound options […]

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Drawp – Kids Can Safely Send Digital Greetings to Family Members

Drawp is a nice iPad app that I recently learned about from Jo Villis. Drawp allows children to create drawings, take pictures, and create audio recordings to send to parents, grandparents, and other family members in a safe environment. To use the app parents have to register themselves and their children. Parents approve the list […]

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Things to Think About – A Free iPad App Built By Students for Students

Things to Think About is a free iPad app that offers 100 writing prompts created by students for students. The prompts were created by 2nd through 5th grade students in Jackson County, Michigan. The app itself was built by two high school students in the same county. Things to Think About has writing prompts spread […]

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Sentence Builder for iPad Helps Students Learn to Write

Sentence Builder from Abitalk is a series of iPad apps designed to help elementary school students learn to construct sentences. The app asks students to build sentences about the pictures that they see in the app. Each picture is accompanied by a set of words that students drag and drop into place to write the […]

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Maily for iPad Gives Students a Safe Place to Learn to Email

Maily is a free iPad app that provides young children with a safe and fun way to send emails to parents and selected family members. To use Maily parents have to create accounts for their children. Parents select and add contacts for their children. After the account is created children can then send and receive […]

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Use Little Story Maker to Create Custom Books on Your ipad

Little Story Maker is a great little app that adults and children can use to create their own custom books on their iPads. The app provides book templates that you complete with your own images, text, and voice narration. All of the books that you create are stored in your Little Story Maker bookshelf. To […]

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Two Apps to Help Children Learn to Write the Alphabet

Even though children today are growing up in a digital world, they still need to learn basic handwriting. When you and I learned to write it was on paper that had extra large lines to help us form our letters. Today, that same concept is applied to many apps in the App Store. I recently […]

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