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Congressional Moments for iPad – Learn to Identify Primary Sources

Congressional Moments is a free iPad app that features key Congressional activities that still affect our lives today. The app includes videos about six important areas. Those areas are the National Parks Service, Civil Rights, Child Labor, the Marshall Plan, and the Securities and Exchange Commission. The videos are a nice partĀ of the app, but […]

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To Be Free – A Smithsonian App About the Emancipation Proclamation

The Smithsonian offers many excellent educational iPad apps. To Be Free is one of the free Smithsonian iPad apps that I recently downloaded. To Be Free features the stories of former slaves and others affected by the Emancipation Proclamation. You can scroll through slideshows and read personal accounts from people of all ages, status, and […]

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5 Good iPad Apps for Teachers and Students of U.S. History

As someone who used to teach U.S. History I still get excited when I see iPad apps made specifically for the purpose of helping students understand significant events in U.S. History. The following apps are iPad apps that I’ve enjoyed using over the last year. KIDS DISCOVER currently offers fourteen iPad apps for students. The […]

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Teaching With Primary Sources on iPads

The National Archives Experience’s Docs Teach interactive tools center and is my favorite teaching tool from the National Archives. The free Docs Teach iPad app allows your students to access and complete a wide range of primary source-based U.S. History lessons. When your students open the app they have an option to browse for a […]

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To The Brink – An iPad App About the Cuban Missile Crisis

The Cuban Missile Crisis is one of the landmark events discussed in nearly every course covering the Cold War. To The Brink is an excellent free iPad app through which students can learn about the causes of the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Kennedy administration’s handling of the crisis. The app uses archival images, videos, […]

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Kids Discover Washington, D.C. on iPads in 3D

KIDS DISCOVER currently offers seventeen iPad apps for students. The apps are multimedia books about a variety of topics in science and social studies. Kids Discover Washington, DC is the latest app from Kids Discover that I’ve tried. The content of Kids Discover Washington, DC is better than what you’ll find in elementary school or […]

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Civil War by KIDS DISCOVER – Great History iPad App

KIDS DISCOVER currently offers fourteen iPad apps for students. The latest KIDS DISCOVER app is about the U.S. Civil War. The content of the app is far superior to the Civil War section of any middle school or elementary school social studies textbooks that I’ve seen. In the app students can read text, listen to […]

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The World’s Fair On Your iPad

The New York Public Library’s Biblion: World’s Fair app puts the wonder of the 1939-1940 World’s Fair on your iPad. Through the app you can view images, videos, and documents all about the World’s Fair. All of the media in the app is arranged into thematic stories. These stories showcase the innovations that were on […]

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Infinity Ring – An iPad App That Takes Students Back in Time

Infinity Ring is a series of three free iPad apps from Scholastic. The app that I tried was Infinity Ring: Revenge of the Red Coats in which students travel back in time to the War of 1812. In the game students explore Washington D.C. and the White House. The primary mission that students have to […]

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Pass the Past – A History Review App

Pass the Past is a free iPad app designed to help students review U.S. and World History. The app was built for students in Virginia, but it can be used by any student reviewing for a test on U.S. or World history. Pass the Past offers a large selection of multiple choice quizzes. Each quiz […]

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