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Inspire Creative Writing With the Scribeasy App

One of the challenges of teaching creative writing can be just getting students to start a story. That’s when apps like Scribeasy can be quite helpful as they provide students with visual prompts that can inspire the start of a story. Scribeasy is a free iPad app that offers a fun environment in which students […]

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Create Dinosaur Stories With Foldify Dinosaurs

Of all the apps that students have shared with me over the years, Foldify is probably my favorite. A few years ago one of my my students used it to design a bunch of characters and buildings that he then printed, colored, and folded according to the Foldify print-out. He then used those characters in […]

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Helpful Options Added to Storehouse – A Free iPad App for Visual Storytelling

Storehouse is a neat iPad app that I initially reviewed a couple of months ago. It is an app for telling stories through collages of your pictures and video clips. The basic idea behind Storehouse is to create stories by combining images, text, and video clips on a blank canvas. The latest update to Storehouse […]

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Avokiddo Emotions – Kids Create Puppets to Identify Feelings

Avokiddo Emotions is an iPad app that young children will enjoy using. The app presents children with three sock puppet-like animals for students to decorate. Each animal can be decorated with fun costume pieces. The animal’s face reacts as children add things like funny glasses, snorkels, musical instruments, and pieces of fruit. Children pull a […]

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Storytelling Fun With Foldify for iPad

Foldify is an iPad app that students can use to design all kinds of 3D figures on their iPads. After designing their figures students can print their designs with directions for folding their designs into 3D paper objects. Foldify provides basic templates for objects like cars, houses, and people. Students complete the templates by coloring […]

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Story Wheel – Story Starters on Your iPad

Story Wheel is an app for the iPad and iPhone that is designed to promote audio storytelling. Spin the Story Wheel on your device and when it lands on an image, dictate a short story based on that image. When you are finished recording, you can play your story back with animations generated by Story […]

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With Book Creator 2.5 Released With a Fantastic New Sharing Option

Book Creator is currently my favorite iPad app for creating multimedia books on your iPad. The app costs $4.99 (less with volume purchasing), but it is well worth it. The latest updates to Book Creator allows you to export your books to ePub 3.0 format. The exported file can be opened an read in the […]

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Create Fun Flipbooks With Animator for iPad

Animator for iPad is a nice app for creating flipbooks on your iPad. Animator provides a blank canvas on which you can draw and paint anything you like. When you tap “next” to create the next page in your flipbook you still see a faded version of your previous page. That view of the previous […]

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