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5 Free iPad Apps That Help Students Learn to Spell

I was recently contacted by a teacher who has just received a new iPad to use for the rest of the year before her students receive them in the fall. She was seeking recommendations for free spelling apps. Here are five that I pulled from my archives. Rocket Speller is a fun iPad app designed for […]

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ABC Minsters – Quick Lessons on the Alphabet

ABC Minsters is an iPad app offering short lessons on recognizing letters of the alphabet, handwriting, and spelling. The app has four basic steps that students repeat to learn each letter of the alphabet. When students open ABC Minsters they can choose any letter of the alphabet to get started. The chosen letter will appear […]

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Word Wizard Helps Students Sound-out and Spell New Words

Word Wizard is an iPad app that elementary school students can use to learn the sounds of the letters of the alphabet, sound-out words, and spell new words. The app has two primary modes to it. In the “Movable Alphabet” mode students can drag and drop letters on a board to try to create words. […]

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Spelling Monster – A Fun iPad App for Practicing Spelling Words

Spelling Monster is an iPad app (free and paid versions available) that students will enjoy using to practice spelling words. On Spelling Monster students can create their own lists of words or use lists shared with them (sharing only available in paid version). The app contains a half dozen games through which students can practice […]

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Endless Reader – A Continuation of Endless Alphabet to Help Students Learn to Read

Endless Reader is a fun iPad app from the same developers that brought us the popular Endless Alphabet iPad app. Endless Alphabet helps students learn the letters of the alphabet. Endless Reader picks up where Endless Alphabet leaves off and helps students learn to read and spell. Endless Reader shows students words for each letter […]

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Spellyfish – Fun Phonics iPad Apps

Spellyfish is a pair of iPad apps designed to help students learn phonics. Spellyfish Short A Words focuses on teaching students how to recognize and spell consonant-vowel-consonant words that contain the letter “A” and the short “A” sound. Spellyfish Short I Words teaches students to recognize and spell short consonant-vowel-consonant words containing the letter “I.” […]

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Animals Flip and Mix – Practice Spelling and Create Funny Animals

Animals Flip and Mix is a fun iPad app that elementary school students will enjoy using. The app presents students with cartoon drawings of animals and plants. The drawings are divided into three sections. Each section has a syllable written next to it. Students have to sort the thirds of the cartoon animal or plant […]

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Two Fun iPad Apps to Help Children Learn the Alphabet

Two nice alphabet apps became free today. The first is Alphabetical Order from ABCya. Alphabetical Order offers three activities to students. They can arrange letter blocks into their proper order, they can match upper and lower case letters, and they can match sounds to letters. The second alphabet app that I tried today is Stumpy’s […]

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Bitsboard – A Super iPad App for Spelling and Reading Practice

Bitsboard is a great iPad app for young students that Joanne Villis recommended to me. Bitsboard is a free iPad app that provides word games, memory games, spelling games, and reading practice activities, and dozens of other activities in one place. On the Bitsboard app students can learn new vocabulary words, how to tell time, […]

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Sentence Reading Magic – iPad Apps for Learning to Read

Sentence Reading Magic is a free iPad app from Preschool University. Sentence Reading Magic introduces students to simple three letter words. The app has a reading mode and a sentence building mode. In the reading mode students can read and hear words read to them  by a male or female narrator. The words are displayed […]

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