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5 Good iPad Apps for Teachers and Students of U.S. History

As someone who used to teach U.S. History I still get excited when I see iPad apps made specifically for the purpose of helping students understand significant events in U.S. History. The following apps are iPad apps that I’ve enjoyed using over the last year. KIDS DISCOVER currently offers fourteen iPad apps for students. The […]

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Street Food Carts Teaches Kids Small Business Lessons

Street Food Carts is a free iPad app in which students run their own street food cart businesses. In the game students choose the location for their food carts and the type of foods and beverages to offer for sale. To run a successful business students have to account for things like weather and location. […]

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Teaching With Primary Sources on iPads

The National Archives Experience’s Docs Teach interactive tools center and is my favorite teaching tool from the National Archives. The free Docs Teach iPad app allows your students to access and complete a wide range of primary source-based U.S. History lessons. When your students open the app they have an option to browse for a […]

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Kids Discover Washington, D.C. on iPads in 3D

KIDS DISCOVER currently offers seventeen iPad apps for students. The apps are multimedia books about a variety of topics in science and social studies. Kids Discover Washington, DC is the latest app from Kids Discover that I’ve tried. The content of Kids Discover Washington, DC is better than what you’ll find in elementary school or […]

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That’s Baloney! – A Fun Trivia App for Kids

That’s Baloney! is an iPad app designed to engage elementary school students in fun games about science, language arts, math, and social studies facts. The app has levels appropriate for students in grades two through six. The concept behind the games is a simple one; a statement is shown to the student and he or […]

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Stick Around – Play and Create iPad Puzzles

Stick Around is a new iPad app developed by Tony Vincent and Morris Cooke (the developer of the popular Explain Everything app). Stick Around gets its name of the sticker element of the app. The app contains educational puzzles that students solve by dragging stickers into the correct locations on the puzzles. The puzzles are […]

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Stack the States & Stack the Countries – Fun Geography Apps for iPads

Stack the States and Stack the Countries are iPad apps that students will have fun playing to quiz their knowledge of geography. The games use a Tetris-like format that requires players to correctly answer a geography question in order to earn a game piece that they then place into a row. The object is to […]

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Enjoy Learning – Free World and U.S. Map Puzzles for iPads

Digital Gene offers a variety of educational apps for iPads and for Android tablets. Two the Digital Gene apps that I recently tried are Enjoy Learning World Map Puzzle and Enjoy Learning U.S. Map Puzzle. Both of these free iPad apps have the same basic types of puzzle activities. In Enjoy Learning U.S. Map students […]

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Learn the 50 States With Flat Stanley on Your iPad

Learn the States With Flat Stanley is an iPad app that uses the familiar Flat Stanley character to help students learn the geography of the United States. Students practice identifying the fifty states by virtually slingshotting Flat Stanley to the name of the state appearing on their screens. When Flat Stanley lands on the correct […]

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Wikihood – An iPad App for Exploring the World

Wikihood for iPad is a free app that combines maps and Wikipedia entries. With the app installed and location services enabled Wikihood will determine your location then show you Wikipedia entries about places, people, and events near you. If you choose not to enable location services, you can just search the Wikihood map to learn […]

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