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5 Free iPad Apps for Sketching Notes

Sketching notes or sketchnoting appears to be becoming a popular way of taking notes and organizing ideas. I’ve done that on paper for years and you may have too. Sketchnoting allows me to create outlines in any format that I like, quickly connect ideas through arrows and lines, and illustrate ideas when words aren’t enough. […]

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Thoughtree – Quickly Record Your Thoughts On Your iPad

Thoughtree is a free iPad app for quickly recording and sharing your thoughts. The app is quite easy to use. To record your thought just tap the “+” icon at the bottom of the screen and type your note to yourself. Thoughtree does offer the option to create folders to organize your thoughts. Thoughtree notes […]

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5 Free iPad Apps Students Can Use for Taking Notes

One of the things that I love about the start of the new school year is that so many students have goals for making “this year the year they…” For many students that blank is filled in with “stay organized” or “take better notes.” If your students are going to be using iPads in your […]

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5 iPad Apps Students Can Use to Record Audio Notes

Whether for convenience, accuracy, accessibility, or a combination of the three there are times when having the option to quickly record audio can be handy. Here are five iPad apps that students can use to quickly create short audio recordings. inClass is a fantastic free iPad app that students can use to take and keep track […]

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Fetchnotes – A Free & Simple Notes App for Your iPad

Fetchnotes is a service for creating and organizing notes for yourself. Organizing your notes on Fetchnotes is quite simple. When you write a note, just use a hashtag to label your note. Then whenever you want to search for a note just enter a hashtag. For example, if I was a student taking notes in […]

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Easy Portfolio – Create Student Portfolios on Your iPad

Easy Portfolio is a nice iPad app for creating portfolios of your work and or your students’ work. In Easy Portfolio you can create multiple portfolios containing pictures, videos, links, notes, documents, and audio recordings. You can import files from your iPad to any of your portfolios. You can also create new media from scratch […]

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Moleskine Meets iPad in Penultimate from Evernote

Last week Evernote updated the Penultimate app and made it available for free. Of course, I had to install it when I found out that it is available for free. Penultimate provides a place for you to hand-write notes on your iPad. The app allows you to create multiple notebooks with multiple pages in each. […]

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inClass – A Great Multimedia Notebook for Your Students’ iPads

inClass is a fantastic free iPad app that students can use to take and keep track of the notes they record in all of their courses. inClass allows students to organize notebooks for each of their courses. Within each notebook students can include typed notes, audio notes, video notes, and pictures. The ability to store […]

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