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Create Mind Maps and Flow Charts With Lucidchart for iPad

Lucidchart is a mind mapping tool that I’ve used off and on for a few years. Now you can get the same features on your iPad. Recently, Lucidchart launched a free iPad app. The app is easy to use to create flowcharts, mindmaps, and graphic organizers. Lucidchart offers a simple drag and drop interface for […]

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BigMind – An Intuitive Mind Mapping iPad App

I’m a big fan of mind mapping as a method for organizing thoughts, connecting concepts, and visualizing the big picture of concept. In fact, I think the mind mapping process is so valuable that I created an entire workshop about it. One of the mind mapping iPad apps that I often recommend is Popplet. Recently, […]

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Popplet – Easy Mind Mapping On Your iPad

Popplet is an iPad app that I often demonstrate in my workshop on mind mapping, timelines, and collaborative brainstorming. Popplet makes it easy to quickly create a mind map to connect your ideas about a topic. To start a mind map with Popplet you just have to tap the “make new Popplet” button. You will […]

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Idea Sketch – A Nice Mind Mapping App

Idea Sketch is a simple app for creating mind maps on your iPad. One of the features of Idea Sketch that stands out is the option to flip back and forth between a web format and an outline format. This makes the app a good choice for students who occasionally prefer to a linear outline […]

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Inkflow – A Great iPad App for Visual Thinkers

Inkflow is the perfect app for people like me who like to sketch out their ideas before sharing them in presentations, in writing, or in video productions. Inkflow is also great for people who like to take notes in a free-hand format in which they can easily include little sketches and diagrams along with their […]

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iBrainstorm is a Great Brainstorming App

iBrainstorm¬†is a free brainstorming application for the iPad and the iPhone. The app allows you to record brainstorming sessions using a combination of free hand drawings and sticky notes. You can share and collaborate with other users of¬†iBrainstorm. Sharing notes and drawings between users in a local setting is a simple matter of “flicking” an […]

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