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Math Slicer – A Fun Alternative to Flashcards

Math Slicer is an iPad app that presents a fun alternative to using flashcards to practice basic mathematics skills. In Math Slicer students are shown addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems that they have to answer by “slicing” the correct answer in half. The answer choices jump up on the screen and students have to […]

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Math Duel – One iPad, Two Players

Math Duel is an iPad app that could be a hit in a classroom that doesn’t have enough iPads for every student. Math Duel provides a split screen so that two students can compete in races to correctly answer mathematics problem as quickly as they can. Each player is presented an addition, multiplication, subtraction, or […]

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Loot Pursuit – A Free & Fun Math Game for Students’ iPads

Loot Pursuit is a mathematics game designed for middle school students. The free iPad game requires students to know the order of operations to complete many of the math problems in the game. The premise of the game is that students have to correctly answer mathematics problems in order to collect ancient Mayan artifacts. One […]

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Simple Physics – Engineering Challenges on Your iPad

Simple Physics is an iPad app that presents users with fun and challenging engineering problems. The app has twelve challenges that progress in difficulty as you move through the app. The premise of each challenge is the same. The challenge is to create a structure like a bridge or staircase that can support a given […]

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Math Champ – Send Math Challenges to Your Students’ iPads

Math Champ is a neat system of two apps working together to deliver math challenges to your students’ iPads. The Math Champ Host app is the app that you use to create classes and select questions to use in the quizzes that your students take on their iPads. With the host app you control when […]

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Autodesk Digital STEAM – 5 iPad Games for Simple Physics Lessons

Autodesk Digital STEAM Applied Mechanics is a free iPad app that contains five simple games. The games are designed to let students experiment with five connected physics concepts. The concepts in the games are energy and work, force, power, loading, and mechanisms. In each game students control one variable to see how changing that variable […]

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Matchmatics – Math Puzzles for Your iPad

Matchmatics is an iPad app that presents mathematics puzzles in the form of matchsticks laid out on a canvas. The challenge of Matchmatics is to move one matchstick to make an incorrect equation correct. Points are awarded based on how quickly you can correct the equation. The puzzles get progressively more difficult as you work […]

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4 Dice Helps Students Learn to Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide Fractions

4 Dice is an iPad app designed to help students learn to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions. The app was developed by the same people that built the popular 5 Dice app that helps students learn the order of operations. In 4 Dice students are shown a fraction and they have to drag four […]

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