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Math Champ Challenge – Math Skills Practice iPad App

Math Champ Challenge is the latest iPad app from INKids Education. Math Champ Challenge is designed for students in grades four through seven to practice their math skills in timed and un-timed challenges. All of the practice activities are aligned to Common Core Standards. When a student uses the app she selects her grade level […]

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10monkeys – A Fun Math App for Elementary School Students’ iPads

10monkeys is an iPad app that elementary school students will enjoy using to practice their multiplication skills. The premise of the game is that students have to free the monkeys by correctly answering multiplication questions as quickly as possible. Students earn points for accuracy and speed. As students progress through the game they progress through […]

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Sakura Quick Math – A Good Math Practice App for Elementary School Students

Sakura Quick Math is nice mathematics facts practice app for elementary school students. The app contains addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems that students try to answer as quickly as they can. Unlike similar games in Sakura Quick Math don’t use the keyboard to enter answers. Students answer the problems by drawing their solutions on […]

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Math Champ – Send Math Challenges to Your Students’ iPads

Math Champ is a neat system of two apps working together to deliver math challenges to your students’ iPads. The Math Champ Host app is the app that you use to create classes and select questions to use in the quizzes that your students take on their iPads. With the host app you control when […]

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Fizzy’s Lunch Lab – A Free iPad App for Learning to Budget

Fizzy’s Lunch Lab Fresh Pick is a free iPad app from PBS Kids. The app is based on the popular PBS web series Fizzy’s Lunch Lab. The purpose of the app is to challenge students’ math and problem solving skills. The app contains eight challenges for students to try. Students can go through the challenges […]

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Autodesk Digital STEAM – 5 iPad Games for Simple Physics Lessons

Autodesk Digital STEAM Applied Mechanics is a free iPad app that contains five simple games. The games are designed to let students experiment with five connected physics concepts. The concepts in the games are energy and work, force, power, loading, and mechanisms. In each game students control one variable to see how changing that variable […]

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Marble Math & iPoe – Two Good iPad Apps for Students

Of all the apps that I have on my iPad, the one that use every day is Apps Gone Free. Every day Apps Gone Free serves up a list of five to ten paid apps that have become free for the day or longer. Today, Apps Gone Free has two apps of note for educators. […]

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Matchmatics – Math Puzzles for Your iPad

Matchmatics is an iPad app that presents mathematics puzzles in the form of matchsticks laid out on a canvas. The challenge of Matchmatics is to move one matchstick to make an incorrect equation correct. Points are awarded based on how quickly you can correct the equation. The puzzles get progressively more difficult as you work […]

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Motion Math – Math Games for iPads

Motion Math is a developer of iPad games for kids for pre-K and elementary school students. Motion Math currently offers five iPad games. My favorite of the games is Hungry Fish. Hungry Fish is a simple iPad game in which students have to feed a fish the numbers that the fish wants. As the game […]

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Math vs. Zombies – A Math Game for iPads

Math vs. Zombies is a free iPad game with a spooky theme. The game is has three virtual worlds each containing ten levels of basic math problems. The object of the game is to correctly solve as many math problems as possible before the zombies catch you. The math of the game is basic addition, […]

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