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Create Full Feature Stop-Motion Videos On Your iPad

The National Film Board of Canada recently released a fantastic new iPad app for creating stop-motion videos. NFB StopMo Studio allows you to take a series of pictures and stitch them together to create a stop-motion video. Like similar apps you can adjust the number of images that are displayed per second. Where the app […]

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Veggie Bottoms – An Interactive Story About Fruits and Vegetables

Veggie Bottoms is a cute interactive story designed to teach students about fruits and vegetables. On each page of the story students learn about the characteristics and health benefits of a new vegetable or fruit. Students can manipulate the image of each fruit and vegetable in the app. For example, on the page about peas […]

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Who Has What? – An App for Keeping Track of Borrowed Materials

I can’t tell you how many books, CDs (remember when we used those to listen to music?), and DVDs I’ve lent out and never seen again. Who Has What? 2 is an iPad app that could help me keep track of those things from now on. Who Has What? 2 allows me to create an […]

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Truss Me – An App for Designing and Testing Weight-bearing Structures

Truss Me is an iPad app that students can use to design and test simple weight-bearing structures. Truss Me can be used in “challenge” mode or in “free play” mode. The challenge mode contains fifteen activities in which students are awarded points for strength and efficiency of their structures. For example, if a structure holds […]

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Toonia Storymaker – Create, Read, and Share Illustrated Stories

Toonia Storymaker is a cute iPad app that children can use to create short illustrated stories. To create stories on Toonia Storymaker children choose pre-drawn characters and settings for their stories. The characters can be dropped into multiple settings within the same story. The appearance of the characters in Toonia Storymaker can be edited. Once […]

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Spellyfish – Fun Phonics iPad Apps

Spellyfish is a pair of iPad apps designed to help students learn phonics. Spellyfish Short A Words focuses on teaching students how to recognize and spell consonant-vowel-consonant words that contain the letter “A” and the short “A” sound. Spellyfish Short I Words teaches students to recognize and spell short consonant-vowel-consonant words containing the letter “I.” […]

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Doodlecast Pro Is Free Right Now – Grab It While You Can

Thanks to Tony Vincent, I just learned that Doodlecast Pro is currently available for free. Usually, this awesome app costs $3.99. Doodlecast Pro is an excellent iPad app for creating instructional videos. At its most basic level Doodlecast Pro allows you to draw on a whiteboard and explain what you’re doing at the same time. […]

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goREACT – Create Virtual Chemical Reactions on Your iPad

goREACT is a new iPad app from the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago. This free iPad app allows students to virtually create chemical reactions. To create the reactions students simply drag elements from the periodic table to the “reaction area.” The app includes suggested reactions to help students get started. In all there are […]

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Loot Pursuit – A Free & Fun Math Game for Students’ iPads

Loot Pursuit is a mathematics game designed for middle school students. The free iPad game requires students to know the order of operations to complete many of the math problems in the game. The premise of the game is that students have to correctly answer mathematics problems in order to collect ancient Mayan artifacts. One […]

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Tell Time – A Free iPad App to Help Children Learn to Tell Time

Tell Time is a free and simple iPad app designed to help children learn to tell time. The app uses a matching game format. When children opens the app they will see a digital clock and an analog clock displaying various times. The children then have to drag the matching times together. Tapping on one […]

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