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Book Creator Now Lets You Publish With One Tap

Book Creator is a fantastic and popular iPad app for creating multimedia ebooks. In fact, more than 1,000,000 stories are created with the app every month. For years the only way to share the stories that students create was to turn their books into videos, publish them as PDFs, or publish them as ePub documents. […]

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How to Make a Screencast of Your iPad’s Screen

One of the best ways to help people learn how to use an app or complete a workflow process on an iPad is to show them. Every year schools have workshops dedicated to showing teachers how to use their iPads. The trouble comes after the workshop is over and teachers have forgotten a key step […]

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How to Move a GarageBand Recording to SoundCloud

I recently had someone email me because she was looking for help moving GarageBand recordings off of her students’ iPads. One solution is to send the recordings to a SoundCloud account. Once you have created a SoundCloud account the process of moving recordings from GarageBand to SoundCloud is rather straight-forward. The screenshots below provide instructions […]

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iOS 8 Tips and Tricks for Teachers and Students

Have you recently updated your iPad to iOS 8? Have your students’ iPads been updated to iOS 8? If so, Tony Vincent has a great overview of some of the “hidden” features of the iOS 8 that teachers and students will find to be helpful to them. Tony’s video is embedded below. You can read the […]

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5 Ways Teachers Can Use their iPads Professionally

This is a guest post from Jennifer Carey (@TeacherJenCarey) and EdTechTeacher, an advertiser on this site. iPads are powerful tools for teachers in the classroom. In addition to being robust, mobile creation devices for students, they help you to stay organized, be on top of your classes, create content and lessons, focus on continued learning, […]

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Google – The iPad Medium

This is a guest post from Jennifer Carey of EdTechTeacher.org an advertiser on this site. iPads can be powerful devices in education – they are mobile, they are personalized, and they are intuitive. At the same time, sharing content between apps or devices can be a challenge. Fortunately, iPads in conjunction with Google Apps can […]

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How to Combine Tellagami Clips in iMovie

Tellagami is a great app for creating short digital stories on an iPad or on an Android device. The shortcoming of the app is that you can only record one scene before you have to save the movie to your iPad. Today, I facilitated a workshop in which we created a bunch of Tellagami stories. […]

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A Video Guide to Using the Google Drive iPad App

Last Friday I was asked if I could share instructions for teachers and students using the latest version of the Google Drive for iPad app. I’m in the process of organizing all of my screenshots into a PDF. In the meantime, I have the following video overview of how to use the basic features of […]

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How to Create Screencast Demos of iPad Apps

Last week after publishing A Short Guide to Sharing Media Through Google Drive for iPad I had a few people ask me how I created the video. I use two tools to create video demonstrations of iPad apps. First, to mirror my iPad’s screen to my MacBook I use either Reflector which costs $12.99 or AirServer […]

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A Short Guide to Sharing Media Through Google Drive for iPad

Cross posted from FreeTech4Teachers.com I recently had someone ask me how her students could privately share videos they made on their iPads. My suggestion was to use the Google Drive iPad app to upload and share their videos. In the video below I offer a demonstration and explanation of this process. See the document embedded […]

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