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Create and Watch Smithsonian Channels on Your iPad

Smithsonian Channel for iPad is a fantastic free app for anyone that enjoys watching educational videos without having to go to YouTube. With the Smithsonian Channel iPad app installed you can browse and search for full-length educational videos as well as shorter clips produced by Smithsonian. The free app allows you to create your own […]

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Create Interactive Images With ThingLink’s New iPad App

ThingLink is one of my favorite tools that I’ve reviewed on Free Technology for Teachers. The free service allows you to make any image interactive by adding digital pinmarks to it. Those pinmarks can include text, links, videos that are revealed when some touches those pinmarks while viewing your shared images. The service previously worked […]

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Infinity Ring – An iPad App That Takes Students Back in Time

Infinity Ring is a series of three free iPad apps from Scholastic. The app that I tried was Infinity Ring: Revenge of the Red Coats in which students travel back in time to the War of 1812. In the game students explore Washington D.C. and the White House. The primary mission that students have to […]

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5 Good iPad Apps for Social Studies Students

As social studies teacher I’m drawn to any iPad app that I think students will enjoy. After four months of writing this blog I’ve found some that really stand out from the crowd. Here are my five picks for good iPad apps for social studies lessons. Tiny Countries for iPadĀ is one of the most fun […]

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Pass the Past – A History Review App

Pass the Past is a free iPad app designed to help students review U.S. and World History. The app was built for students in Virginia, but it can be used by any student reviewing for a test on U.S. or World history. Pass the Past offers a large selection of multiple choice quizzes. Each quiz […]

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Think Fast About the Past – An iPad Game About U.S. History

Think Fast About the Past is a free iPad game about U.S. history. This free iPad app is the companion to the Mission U.S. website that offers interactive journeys through U.S. history. Think Fast About the Past contains two “missions” for students to complete. The first mission is set in Boston in 1770. The mission […]

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Students Become World Explorers With This App

European Exploration: The Age of Discovery is a free iPad app that puts students in charge of exploring the “New World.” In the game students are in charge of selecting explorers and ships to send out to the New World. Students have to manage the finances of their expeditions so that they don’t run out […]

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