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Math Champ – Send Math Challenges to Your Students’ iPads

Math Champ is a neat system of two apps working together to deliver math challenges to your students’ iPads. The Math Champ Host app is the app that you use to create classes and select questions to use in the quizzes that your students take on their iPads. With the host app you control when […]

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Tiny Countries is a Great Geography iPad App for Kids

Tiny Countries for iPad is one of the most fun apps that I’ve tried in a while. The purpose of the app is to help students learn the locations of 75 countries, their capitals, their notable cities, and some of their unique geographic features. Students learn this information in a game format. The scenario of […]

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Marble Math Offers a Fun Way to Practice Math on iPads

Marble Math is a fun mathematics game for kids to play on their iPads. The game has students practice basic multiplication problems through a maze layout. Students are given multiplication problems to solve by rolling their marbles through mazes that contain the correct answers. Students have to avoid the incorrect answers while moving their marbles […]

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GeoMaster Plus Offers Fun Games for Learning World Geography

GeoMaster Plus is an iPad app for learning and practicing identifying countries, capitals, and landmarks around the world. GeoMaster Plus offers a simple interactive atlas that students can use to familiarize themselves with the countries of the world. Students can search the atlas by country name and capital name. Students can also navigate the atlas […]

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Pango – Interactive iPad Stories and Games for Kids

Studio Pango produces a bunch of iPad apps that children (pre-K through grade 2) are sure to love. Some of the apps are free and some of the apps require purchase. To get a sense of what the paid apps offer, try the free apps first. This morning I tried two of the free apps. […]

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Germ Blaster Offers a Fun Way to Learn About Germs

Germ Blaster is a fun iPad and iPhone game developed by Rice University’s Center for Technology in Teaching and Learning. By playing Germ Blaster students learn about six types of pathogens and the “weapons” used to fight them. Before starting the game students review each pathogen and what makes it different from the others. Then […]

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Use TinyTap to Create Your Own iPad Games

TinyTap is a free iPad app that allows you to create simple games based on pictures that you take. The purpose of the games you build is to help young students (pre-K through grade 4) practice identifying objects and patterns. To create a game on TinyTap you upload pictures or take new pictures and arrange […]

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