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TinyTap Introduces Insights to Track Your Students’ Progress on the Games You Make

TinyTap is a great iPad app for developing your own educational games. I’ve been a big supporter of the app since it launched a couple of years ago. This week TinyTap introduced a new feature called Insights through which you can track your students’ use of your games. TinyTap Insights enables you create student groups, distribute […]

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Geography Drive Arcade – Four Fun U.S. Geography Games

Geography Drive Arcade is a great iPad app from the same people that developed Geography Drive USA. Within Geography Drive Arcade students will find four fun review games. Those games are State Shape Challenge, Flagstaff State Flag Game, State Capital Challenge, and Honolulu Spelling Bee. In the State Shape Challenge students see the silhouette of […]

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TinyTap Gets a Facelift – Create Your Own iPad Games for Older Students

TinyTap is a great iPad app for developing your own educational games. I’ve been a big supporter of the app since it launched a couple of years ago. TinyTap has always been targeted toward the K-3 crowd, but it can certainly be used with older students too. To reflect that TinyTap has uses in older […]

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Create an Educational Game on TinyTap and You Could Win an iPad Mini

TinyTap is one of my favorite free iPad apps for elementary school teachers. Through TinyTap you can create your own educational games to share with students. Throughout the month of August, 2014 TinyTap is running a game creation contest for teachers. Every week TinyTap will award an iPad Mini to the teacher who creates and […]

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Turn Drawings Into Video Games With Pixel Press Floors

Pixel Press Floors is a promising new iPad app (currently free) that kids can use to turn drawings into pictures. This is the simple explanation of the service. Students draw on specially designed paper (printable) or draw in the app (designs printable). Students then use their iPads to see their drawings become games. Games can […]

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That’s Baloney! – A Fun Trivia App for Kids

That’s Baloney! is an iPad app designed to engage elementary school students in fun games about science, language arts, math, and social studies facts. The app has levels appropriate for students in grades two through six. The concept behind the games is a simple one; a statement is shown to the student and he or […]

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Stick Around – Play and Create iPad Puzzles

Stick Around is a new iPad app developed by Tony Vincent and Morris Cooke (the developer of the popular Explain Everything app). Stick Around gets its name of the sticker element of the app. The app contains educational puzzles that students solve by dragging stickers into the correct locations on the puzzles. The puzzles are […]

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Shutterbugs Wiggle and Stomp – A Virtual Zoo on Your iPad

Shutterbugs Wiggle and Stomp is a new free iPad app produced by the Smithsonian. The purpose of the game is to help children recognize the movements of animals. In the game children move through a virtual zoo with a zoo keeper. As they go through the virtual zoo the zoo keeper will ask students to […]

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Shiny Party – A Fun iPad App for Learning Shapes

Shiny Party is an iPad app created to help young students learn to recognize shapes. The app has a story mode and a game mode. In the story mode students help the story’s characters, Alice and Charlie, find presents and balloons for the party. In the story students have to identify the presents by their […]

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Kids Boats – A Game for Exploring Climates

Kids Boats is an iPad app through which students discover animals of different climate zones. In Kids Boats students navigate a boat down a river avoiding obstacles and collecting stars. Along the river students will find animals native to the climate zone that the river is in. At the end of each river students will […]

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