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Students Become Disease Detectives in Solve the Outbreak

Solve the Outbreak is a free iPad app produced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The app is a game that contains three epidemics for students to research. In each investigation students have to read the background, read clues, analyze data, and answer questions. The questions put students in the role of a […]

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Read and Create Your Own Stories With the Collins Big Cat iPad Apps

The Collins Big Cat iPad apps are part short story and part story creation tool. Each of these free apps, produced by Harper Collins, contains a short story that students can read to themselves or have narrated to them. The stories contain interactive elements that students can move around on each page of the stories. […]

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Explore the Design Museum On Your iPad

The Design Museum Collection for iPad is a collection of 59 featured objects from London’s Design Museum. The collection includes items that changed the way we work, items that changed the way entire categories of products are designed, and some items that are notable just for being different. As you browse through the collection you […]

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Photography Assignment Generator for iPad and iPhone

Photography Assignment Generator could be a helpful iPad and iPhone app for photography teachers and students or anyone else interested in taking better pictures. The Photography Assignment Generator app provides users with assignments that are designed to help them learn about various elements of photography. The assignments range from using different camera settings like shutter […]

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A New Rhino Story Added to the Beautiful WWF Together App

WWF Together is a beautiful free app from the World Wildlife Fund. In fact, I think it is the most visually beautiful app I tried in January. WWF Together features interactive stories about endangered animals around the world. Each of the interactive stories includes beautiful images and videos, facts about the animals and their habitats, […]

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Endless Alphabet – An iPad App To Help Students Spell and Learn New Words

Endless Alphabet is an iPad app ($5.99 as of December 2013) ┬ádesigned to help children learn to spell and learn the definitions of new words. The app features a different word for each letter of the alphabet. Each word is read to the child and then the child tries to spell each word by dragging […]

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Moleskine Meets iPad in Penultimate from Evernote

Last week Evernote updated the Penultimate app and made it available for free. Of course, I had to install it when I found out that it is available for free. Penultimate provides a place for you to hand-write notes on your iPad. The app allows you to create multiple notebooks with multiple pages in each. […]

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Create Fun Flipbooks With Animator for iPad

Animator for iPad is a nice app for creating flipbooks on your iPad. Animator provides a blank canvas on which you can draw and paint anything you like. When you tap “next” to create the next page in your flipbook you still see a faded version of your previous page. That view of the previous […]

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Kids First Words With Phonics – A Nice App for Learning to Read and Spell

Kids First Words With Phonics is a nice iPad app designed to help children learn to read and spell. The app shows students a picture, reads a word to them, then asks the child to drag and drop letter to spell the word they have just heard. The preference settings allow you to specify how […]

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WWF Together – A Beautiful iPad App for Learning About Endangered Animals

The World Wildlife Fund’s free iPad app called WWF Together is one of the most beautifully designed apps that I’ve tried over the last year. WWF Together features eight interactive stories about endangered animals around the world. Each of the interactive stories includes beautiful images and videos, facts about the animals and their habitats, and […]

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