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Sentence Builder for iPad Helps Students Learn to Write

Sentence Builder from Abitalk is a series of iPad apps designed to help elementary school students learn to construct sentences. The app asks students to build sentences about the pictures that they see in the app. Each picture is accompanied by a set of words that students drag and drop into place to write the […]

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Moody Monster Manor Helps Kids Recognize Emotions

Moody Monster Manor is a free iPad app that is designed to help children learn to recognize emotions. Moody Monster Manor features twenty cartoon monsters that represent emotions that children commonly experience. Some of the Moody Monsters that children will meet in the manor include Ecstatic Ed, Worried Wanda, Sad Sal, and Sorry Simon. Children […]

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Go Go Games – iPad Games to Practice Pattern Identification

Go Go Games is a set of iPad games designed to help children that have Autism Spectrum Disorders practice recognizing the features and patterns of objects. While these games were designed for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders any young child would enjoy them. There are three games in the Go Go Games suite. The first […]

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Maily for iPad Gives Students a Safe Place to Learn to Email

Maily is a free iPad app that provides young children with a safe and fun way to send emails to parents and selected family members. To use Maily parents have to create accounts for their children. Parents select and add contacts for their children. After the account is created children can then send and receive […]

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Pango – Interactive iPad Stories and Games for Kids

Studio Pango produces a bunch of iPad apps that children (pre-K through grade 2) are sure to love. Some of the apps are free and some of the apps require purchase. To get a sense of what the paid apps offer, try the free apps first. This morning I tried two of the free apps. […]

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Use TinyTap to Create Your Own iPad Games

TinyTap is a free iPad app that allows you to create simple games based on pictures that you take. The purpose of the games you build is to help young students (pre-K through grade 4) practice identifying objects and patterns. To create a game on TinyTap you upload pictures or take new pictures and arrange […]

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