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Try DMD Topic To Create Talking Pictures On Your iPad

DMD Topic is a neat iPad app for quickly creating short videos. To create a video you simply take a picture or import a picture from your iPad’s camera roll then start talking about the picture. You can record for up to 30 seconds. When you’re finished recording, watch the video and select “tagging” to […]

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Three Free(ish) iPad Apps for Creating Narrated Stories

Creating narrated slideshows is one of the easiest ways to introduce students to digital storytelling practices. Students can create narrated slideshows to illustrate and explain their research findings, to tell a personal story, or to outline the framework for a story that will written down later. The following three iPad apps all provide an easy […]

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Imagistory – An App for Narrating Picture Books

Imagistory is a neat iPad app on which children can narrate picture books. The app provides children with a wordless picture books. Children are free to record themselves telling a story about the pictures in the books. Children can record and re-record stories as often as they like. Imagistory is easy to use. To get […]

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Comics Head – A Nice iPad App for Creating Comic Strips

Comics Head is a nice app for creating comic strips on your iPad. The app makes it easy to create comics even if, like me, you don’t have any drawing skills. To create comics on Comics Head you simply choose a template then add a background, characters, and speech bubbles from the art galleries. You […]

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30hands Introduces a Pro Version

30hands is a popular iPad app that makes it very easy to create a narrated slideshow. Recently, 30hands introduced 30hands Pro. The pro version allows for integration of Google Drive and Dropbox for storing and sharing projects. The pro version also offers the option to insert video clips into your slides. Final projects in 30hands […]

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Shadow Puppet Releases an Edu Version Students Can Use to Create Videos

Shadow Puppet is an iPad app for creating short audio slideshow videos. Yesterday, the same developers introduced Shadow Puppet Edu. Shadow Puppet Edu is a free iPad app that students can use to create audio slideshow videos. The app offers an integrated search tool that students can use to find pictures from the Library of […]

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How to Combine Tellagami Clips in iMovie

Tellagami is a great app for creating short digital stories on an iPad or on an Android device. The shortcoming of the app is that you can only record one scene before you have to save the movie to your iPad. Today, I facilitated a workshop in which we created a bunch of Tellagami stories. […]

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Adobe Voice Provides a Great Way to Create Narrated Picture Stories

Adobe Voice is a new iPad app that makes it easy to create beautiful picture stories. Like other picture story apps, Adobe Voice allows you to record your voice, import pictures, and write text to create a short video. What makes Adobe Voice better than a lot of apps similar to it is the huge […]

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Helpful Options Added to Storehouse – A Free iPad App for Visual Storytelling

Storehouse is a neat iPad app that I initially reviewed a couple of months ago. It is an app for telling stories through collages of your pictures and video clips. The basic idea behind Storehouse is to create stories by combining images, text, and video clips on a blank canvas. The latest update to Storehouse […]

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More Storytelling Fun With Foldify Zoo

Foldify is an iPad app that has been popular for a couple of years. Foldify is an iPad app that students can use to design all kinds of 3D figurines on their iPads then print them out to fold and assemble. Last week a new version of Foldify was released, Foldify Zoo. Foldify Zoo is […]

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