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Draw and Tell – Create Animated Stories

Draw and Tell is a free iPad app that elementary school students can use to create simple animated stories. At its most basic level Draw and Tell provides blank canvases on which students can draw pictures and or write notes. The app provides students with a variety of canvases including a blank screen, lined screens, […]

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Storehouse Is a Good App for Creating Personal Year-in-Review Stories

This is the time of year that many of us take a look back at the year. I did that this afternoon by creating a Storehouse story about my year. Storehouse is a free iPad app for telling stories through images, videos, and text. Each story has a vertical layout reminiscent of a wide screen […]

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Storehouse – A Free iPad App for Visual Storytelling

Storehouse is a new iPad app for visual storytelling with your pictures and video clips. The basic idea behind Storehouse is to create stories by combining images, text, and video clips on a blank canvas. To create your stories you can import pictures and video from your iPad’s camera roll, from Instgram, from Dropbox, and […]

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Draw Your Stories – An iPad App for Little Kids

Draw Your Stories is a freemium iPad app on which children complete narrated stories by creating their own drawings. The narrated stories contain prompts for students to draw things to fill-in the scenes. Draw Your Stories gives students small templates to trace to help them draw various objects into the stories they’re listening to. Students […]

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Doodlecast for Kids Offers an Easy Way to Create Video Stories

Doodlecast for Kids is an iPad app that allows students to create short whiteboard videos. Students can create short videos by drawing on a blank whiteboard. Students can record their voices as they draw on the whiteboard. Students who are struggling to start their stories can use one of the twenty-three story prompts offered by […]

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