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Cosmic Cubs Storymaker for Kids

Cosmic Cubs Storymaker is an iPad app that elementary school students can use to create short stories about space. Cosmic Storymaker provides a book layout to which students can add page backgrounds, clip art characters, and speech bubbles. Students drag pre-written words and sentences to each speech bubble on the pages they create. All of […]

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Word Mover Helps Students Write Poems

Word Mover is a free iPad app produced by Read Write Think. The app is designed to help students develop poems and short stories. When students open the Word Mover app they are shown a selection of words that they can drag onto a canvas to construct a poem or story. Word Mover provides students […]

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Toonia Storymaker – Create, Read, and Share Illustrated Stories

Toonia Storymaker is a cute iPad app that children can use to create short illustrated stories. To create stories on Toonia Storymaker children choose pre-drawn characters and settings for their stories. The characters can be dropped into multiple settings within the same story. The appearance of the characters in Toonia Storymaker can be edited. Once […]

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Bring Drawings to Life With colAR Mix

colAR Mix is an augmented reality application that turns your paper drawings into animated 3D objects on your students’ iPads. Students create and color drawings that are printed from the colAR Mix website. After their drawings are complete, students scan them with the colAR Mix app to see them come to life as 3D objects […]

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Shake Your iPad to Generate Story Prompts

Shake-a-Phrase is a fun iPad app for elementary school and middle school students to use to start stories and practice recognizing parts of speech. Shake-a-Phrase has three basic modes; shake it, story starter, and quiz mode. Each mode has five themes; animals, monsters, fairytales, sports, and random. In “shake it” mode students shake their iPads […]

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Visual Poetry – Create Word Clouds On Your iPad

Visual Poetry is a nice iPad app for creating custom word clouds. The app’s name implies that it only works for poetry, but it will work with any text that you write. Visual Poetry allows you to choose from a menu of word cloud shapes. If the shapes in the menu aren’t quite what you’re […]

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Try Book Creator for iPad for Free

Book Creator for iPad is my favorite iPad app for creating narrated multimedia books on my iPad. Book Creator costs $4.99 (less with volume purchasing), but you can now try it and create one entire book for free. If you’re trying to convince someone in your school that Book Creator is worth purchasing, have that […]

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Tellagami – Create Narrated Animations on Your iPad

Tellagami is a free iPad that elementary school students will enjoy using to create narrated animations. If you have ever used Voki or GoAnimate, Tellagami will feel familiar to you. Tellagami allows your students to create customized animated scenes in a matter of minutes. To create a narrated, animated scene students simply open Tellagami and […]

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5 Digital Storytelling iPad Apps for Elementary School Students

Reading stories, watching videos, and listening to podcasts is one way to learn with an iPad. But a more fun way to learn with an iPad is to create things. Here are five iPad apps that elementary school students can use to create stories. Doodlecast for Kids is an iPad app that allows students to create […]

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Doodlecast for Kids Offers an Easy Way to Create Video Stories

Doodlecast for Kids is an iPad app that allows students to create short whiteboard videos. Students can create short videos by drawing on a blank whiteboard. Students can record their voices as they draw on the whiteboard. Students who are struggling to start their stories can use one of the twenty-three story prompts offered by […]

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