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Audubon Owls – Discover the Owls In Your Neighborhood

Audubon Owls is an iPhone app (it will work on iPads too but it’s not optimized for them) that is small, multimedia encyclopedia of North American owls. Through the app you can learn about nineteen types of owls. The app provides maps of the range of each owl. To help you identify owls that you […]

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Essential Skeleton – An Excellent iPad App for Students

Essential Skeleton is a free iPad app that students studying the human skeletal system should download. The app puts a 3D skeleton on your students’ iPads. Students can zoom-in, zoom-out, and rotate the skeleton 360 degrees. When students zoom-in and tap on a bone they will see its name in English and Latin, have the […]

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Students Become Disease Detectives in Solve the Outbreak

Solve the Outbreak is a free iPad app produced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The app is a game that contains three epidemics for students to research. In each investigation students have to read the background, read clues, analyze data, and answer questions. The questions put students in the role of a […]

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EarthViewer for iPad Takes You Through the History of Earth

EarthViewer is a free iPad app that takes you through 4.5 billion years on Earth. EarthViewer allows you to select eons and eras to view. Within each eon and era you can view tectonic plates, continental drift, and other geological events. You can view major biological events in EarthViewer too. Climate data for the last […]

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Take a Virtual Tour Inside Bones With This iPad App

Powers of Minus Ten: Bone is a neat iPad app for biology students. The app takes students through ten levels of viewing the inside of human bones. Students can zoom through and explore each of the microscopic levels. The imagery starts at the level of viewing bones from the outside and ends with viewing the […]

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WWF Together – A Beautiful iPad App for Learning About Endangered Animals

The World Wildlife Fund’s free iPad app called WWF Together is one of the most beautifully designed apps that I’ve tried over the last year. WWF Together features eight interactive stories about endangered animals around the world. Each of the interactive stories includes beautiful images and videos, facts about the animals and their habitats, and […]

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VCell – A Free iPad App for Learning About Cells

VCell is a free iPad published by a team of scientists and developers at North Dakota State University. The purpose of the app is to provide a place where students can learn about cellular respiration, protein expression, and RNA expression. Within each heading there are subtopics for students to choose. For example, if a student […]

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Explore a Virtual Human Heart on Your iPad

Virtual Heart is a free iPad app that allows users to take a closer look at how the human heart functions. The free app lets users speed up and slow down the virtual heart rate. Users have four views of the heart in the app. The views are of the electrical system, the valves, blood […]

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iCell for iPad Gives Students 3D Views of Cells

iCell is a free iPad app developed by the Hudson Alpha Institute for Biotechnology. The app provides students with 3D models of plant, animal, and bacteria cells. Each cell model can be viewed in detail by zooming in and rotating the model on your iPad. Students can learn about the parts of the cells by […]

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Put a Virtual Zoo On Your Students’ iPads

Pocket Zoo is an iOS app that puts a virtual zoo of 51 animals on your students’ iPads and iPhones. The app lets students learn about animals by locating and tapping on them in a virtual zoo map. When a student taps on an animal it opens a picture of that animal, fun facts about […]

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