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DIY Lake Science – Simulations and Activities for Learning About Lakes

DIY Lake Science is a relatively new iPad app from the Lawrence Hall of Science. The free iPad app is designed to help students learn about lake ecosystems. In the app students will find a small simulation of a lake ecosystem. Students can change the depth of the lake, the temperature, and the general climate […]

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Leafsnap – An App for Identifying Plants

I often encourage teachers to think of ways to use iPads and other mobile devices for outdoor learning activities. LeafSnap is a free iPad app designed by Columbia University, Smithsonian, and the University of Maryland for the purpose of helping people identify plants by taking pictures of them on their iPads. With LeafSnap installed on […]

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My Incredible Body Teaches Kids How the Human Body Works

My Incredible Body is an iPad app (currently free) designed to help students learn how the human body works. The app features eight sections. Those sections are circulation, muscles, senses (vision, smell, hearing, touch), kidneys & urine, skeleton, respiration, digestion, and brain & nerves. Each section of the app contains short animated videos that explain […]

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Creatures of Light Teaches Students About Bioluminescence

Creatures of Light is a beautiful free iPad app from the American Museum of Natural History. The app contains five chapter about  bioluminescent animals  like jellyfish, fireflies, and glow worms. In each chapter students learn about what causes bioluminescence and how it helps animals survive in their environments. Each chapter includes an interactive map of […]

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Fotopedia Wild Friends – A Beautiful iPad App About Animals

Fotopedia Wild Friends is a beautiful iPad app that takes students on a photographic tour of Europe and beyond. The app features more than 2,400 images of animals. The images can be viewed on their own or as parts of slideshows. At any time students can tap an image to open a short passage of […]

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Mysteries of the Unseen World Shows Students the World In a New Way

Mysteries of the Unseen World is a free iPad app based on the National Geographic film of the same name. In the free iPad app students see common, everyday objects under an electron microscope. The app contains three types of games based on the electron microscope images. The “solve”  games show students an image and […]

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The Human Body – An Anatomy App for Kids

The Human Body by Tinybop is an iPad app designed to help elementary and middle school students learn human anatomy. The app features interactive diagrams of the major systems of the human body. A few of the things that students can see on the app are how lungs breathe, the heart beats, and the ears […]

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3D Brain – A Model of the Human Brain

3D Brain is a free iPad app that features a model of the human brain. he app provides a three dimensional model of the human brain that students can rotate. To look at a specific part of the brain select it from the drop-down menu and it will be highlighted on the model for you […]

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Project Noah – Share Stories of Nature In Your Neighborhood

Project Noah is a globally collaborative project to which anyone can contribute. On Project Noah you can share pictures and stories of the plants and the animals that you observe in your neighborhood. Project Noah has a section titled Missions in which you can find projects that you can contribute to. The Missions ask people […]

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Share Observations of Nature With iNaturalist

iNaturalist is a community website for sharing pictures and observations of plants and animals. To enable easy sharing of observations, iNaturalist offers a free iOS app. Using the app you can take a picture, geo-locate it, write your observations, and upload to the iNaturalist community. If your observation is incomplete, for example if you’re not sure […]

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