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Kids Can Become Animators With Creative Kids for iPad

Creative Kids is a free iPad app from Faber-Castell. The app provides students with step-by-step directions for drawing on paper then see those drawings become animations on their iPads. Even kids who don’t fancy themselves as artists can create neat animations by using the tracing directions provided by Creative Kids. Creative Kids supports up to […]

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Explore the Life and Work of Van Gogh With This Free iPad App

Touch Van Gogh is a free iPad app produced by the Van Gogh Museum. Through the study of three paintings featured on the app students can learn about the composition techniques used by Vincent Van Gogh, a bit about his life when he was creating the featured paintings, and the restoration techniques used by the […]

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Explore and Make Art With the MoMA Art Lab iPad App

The MoMA Art Lab is a free iPad app that elementary school and middle school students can use to learn about art and create art of their own. On the app students can learn about the processes artists use and how artists use shapes and colors to create art. After seeing how artists create art […]

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Hand Turkey – Make Cartoon Turkeys on Your iPad

American Thanksgiving is now less than two weeks away. Thanksgiving-themed lessons and activities will be taking place in classrooms all over the United States next week. Creating hand-print turkeys is a classic elementary school activity. Hand Turkey is a free iPad app that brings that classic elementary school art activity to the iPad. Students can […]

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Puppet Workshop – Create Sock Puppets on Your iPad

Puppet Workshop is a simple iPad app that you and your students may enjoy using to create digital sock puppets. To create a sock puppet in Puppet Workshop select one of the socks from the home screen. You can decorate your puppet to your heart’s content by adding buttons, strings, feathers, stars, and lots of […]

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Draw Your Stories – An iPad App for Little Kids

Draw Your Stories is a freemium iPad app on which children complete narrated stories by creating their own drawings. The narrated stories contain prompts for students to draw things to fill-in the scenes. Draw Your Stories gives students small templates to trace to help them draw various objects into the stories they’re listening to. Students […]

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Create Interactive Images With ThingLink’s New iPad App

ThingLink is one of my favorite tools that I’ve reviewed on Free Technology for Teachers. The free service allows you to make any image interactive by adding digital pinmarks to it. Those pinmarks can include text, links, videos that are revealed when some touches those pinmarks while viewing your shared images. The service previously worked […]

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Learn About the Science of Color On Color Uncovered

Last week I reviewed Exploratorium’s Sound Uncovered app which is a nice app that will help students understand the science of sound. Today, I tried out Exploratorium’s Color Uncovered iPad app. Color Uncovered is essentially a seventeen part ebook with some nice interactive activities and videos built into it to support the articles. In Color […]

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Explore the Design Museum On Your iPad

The Design Museum Collection for iPad is a collection of 59 featured objects from London’s Design Museum. The collection includes items that changed the way we work, items that changed the way entire categories of products are designed, and some items that are notable just for being different. As you browse through the collection you […]

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Photography Assignment Generator for iPad and iPhone

Photography Assignment Generator could be a helpful iPad and iPhone app for photography teachers and students or anyone else interested in taking better pictures. The Photography Assignment Generator app provides users with assignments that are designed to help them learn about various elements of photography. The assignments range from using different camera settings like shutter […]

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