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Lead Group Browsing Sessions With RabbleBrowser for iPad

RabbleBrowser is an iPad app that teachers can use to lead their students in a shared web browsing experience. With RabbleBrowser installed teachers can broadcast their browsers to their students’ iPads. Likewise, students can lead the browsing session and the teacher can follow along. Through RabbleBrowser teachers can lock students iPads into the same browser […]

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goREACT – Create Virtual Chemical Reactions on Your iPad

goREACT is a new iPad app from the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago. This free iPad app allows students to virtually create chemical reactions. To create the reactions students simply drag elements from the periodic table to the “reaction area.” The app includes suggested reactions to help students get started. In all there are […]

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Thoughtree – Quickly Record Your Thoughts On Your iPad

Thoughtree is a free iPad app for quickly recording and sharing your thoughts. The app is quite easy to use. To record your thought just tap the “+” icon at the bottom of the screen and type your note to yourself. Thoughtree does offer the option to create folders to organize your thoughts. Thoughtree notes […]

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A Handful of Free iPad Apps for Creating Videos

Even if they haven’t used it, most iPad owners are familiar with iMovie. Many schools buy it for all of the iPads that they distribute to students and teachers. If your school hasn’t bought it for you or you just want to try some other video creation options without spending any money, take a look […]

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5 Free iPad Apps Students Can Use for Taking Notes

One of the things that I love about the start of the new school year is that so many students have goals for making “this year the year they…” For many students that blank is filled in with “stay organized” or “take better notes.” If your students are going to be using iPads in your […]

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The World’s Fair On Your iPad

The New York Public Library’s Biblion: World’s Fair app puts the wonder of the 1939-1940 World’s Fair on your iPad. Through the app you can view images, videos, and documents all about the World’s Fair. All of the media in the app is arranged into thematic stories. These stories showcase the innovations that were on […]

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Using AirServer to Mirror iPads to Laptops

When I am giving presentations and leading workshops I like to use AirServer to mirror my iPad to my laptop. That allows me to project my iPad’s screen without being tethered to VGA cable. At $14.99 (less with volume pricing) AirServer is a heck of a lot cheaper than Apple TV too. Usually everything works […]

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Add Your Signature to Documents With HelloSign for iPad

If you have ever received an email with an attachment that you need to put your signature on, you need to check out Hello Sign. Hello Sign is a free service that allow you to digitally sign documents. Hello Sign can be used on your computer, on your iPhone, and on your iPad. On your […]

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Create Interactive Flipped Lessons With Knowmia Teach

The Knowmia Teach iPad app is an excellent app for creating your own whiteboard videos. I’ve written about the app and shown it workshops quite a few times over the last year. Recently, Knowmia Teach received a bunch of updates worth noting. The most significant update is the addition of an assignment wizard (available now in public […]

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Finally! – Google Drive for iPad Supports Comments

This is probably the best news Google-loving iPad users have heard this week, the latest update to Google Drive for iPad supports commenting. Now, you can comment on documents on your iPad just as you would in your browser on your laptop. You can highlight a word or sentence then click comment to have your […]

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