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Try’s iPad App for Learning New Vocabulary is an excellent vocabulary study service offering thousands of vocabulary practice lists and activities for students in elementary school through graduate school. This week launched a new iPad app ($2.99). Through the app students can access hundreds of lists of SAT, GRE, and other test prep words. Students can also use the app to can […]

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Audio Notebook – Record Audio While Typing Notes

Audio Notebook is a handy iPad app for people who want to combine audio recording with their typed notes. Audio Notebook is very easy to use. To create a new entry in Audio Notebook just open the app and tap the “+” symbol to create a new entry. To add audio to your notebook entry […]

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iVisual Info Touch – Create Infographics on Your iPad

iVisual Info Touch is an iPad app that you can use to create relatively simple infographics. The app makes it easy to create your infographics. It is not necessary to create an account in order to use iVisual Info Touch. To get started just open the app and select a background for your infographic. After […]

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Quick Key Turns Your iPhone Into a Scanner

Quick Key is a new and free iOS app that turns your iPhone into a bubble sheet scanner. My former colleague, Mike Morrell, was raving about it on Facebook a while back so I had to check it out. Quick Key has two parts to it that when combined make it very easy for you […]

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Phrasalstein – A Fun Way to Learn Phrasal Verbs

From the producers of the popular Phrasal Verbs Machine iPad app comes a new free iPad app called Phrasalstein. Phrasalstein is designed to help students learn the meanings of phrasal verbs. The app has a practice mode and a quiz mode. In the practice mode students select a verb and a preposition combination then see […]

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Quiz Dojo – Create Quizzes from Your PDFs

Quiz Dojo is a neat iPad app that allows you to create quizzes by highlighting sections of PDFs on your iPad. You can import PDFs from Dropbox, email, or other apps on your iPad. Once the PDF is imported you can highlight important words and phrases that you want to quiz yourself on later. The […]

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A Short Guide to Sharing Media Through Google Drive for iPad

Cross posted from I recently had someone ask me how her students could privately share videos they made on their iPads. My suggestion was to use the Google Drive iPad app to upload and share their videos. In the video below I offer a demonstration and explanation of this process. See the document embedded […]

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Filling In For Will – An iPad Game About Shakespeare

Shakespeare: Filling In For Will is a fun game filled with famous quotes from Shakespeare. In this iPad app players are shown a quote that has a word or two missing from it. They then have to select the word or words that complete the quote. After filling in the quote players are shown the […]

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A Simple Weighted Pro-Con Chart Tool for Your iPad

T-Charts Pros and Cons is a free iPad app designed to help you organize your thoughts about a question or dilemma. This simple app provides a clean layout in which you can write your pros and cons lists. Each thing that you write on your lists can be given a different weight. For example, if […]

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Lead Group Browsing Sessions With RabbleBrowser for iPad

RabbleBrowser is an iPad app that teachers can use to lead their students in a shared web browsing experience. With RabbleBrowser installed teachers can broadcast their browsers to their students’ iPads. Likewise, students can lead the browsing session and the teacher can follow along. Through RabbleBrowser teachers can lock students iPads into the same browser […]

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