Archive | December, 2016

My Favorite Video Creation iPad Apps for Elementary School

When it comes to creating videos in elementary school there are some qualities needed in an iPad app that aren’t needed in apps for older students. For example, it’s helpful to not require that students register to use the app. It’s also nice if the app has a child-friendly interface. The following three apps have […]

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Draw and Tell – Create Animated Stories

Draw and Tell is a free iPad app that elementary school students can use to create simple animated stories. At its most basic level Draw and Tell provides blank canvases on which students can draw pictures and or write notes. The app provides students with a variety of canvases including a blank screen, lined screens, […]

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Fraction Mash – A Fun App for Learning to Add Fractions

Fraction Mash is a free iPad app that provides a fun way for students to learn about fractions. The app lets students insert two pictures then divide those pictures into grids, columns, pie slices, triangles, or rows. Once their pictures have been divided students select the portions of one picture that they want to combine […]

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