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Two Educational iPad Apps With Halloween Themes

ipoeMath vs. Zombies is an iPad game with a spooky theme. The game is has three virtual worlds each containing ten levels of basic math problems. The object of the game is to correctly solve as many math problems as possible before the zombies catch you. The math of the game is basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. If you’re comfortable having your students play math games that have a zombie theme Math vs. Zombies offers engaging practice activities. Tap to Learn, the producers of Math vs. Zombies, offers a few non-zombie math games if you’re looking for something else to try on your iPad.

iPoe is an iPad app that features a collection of four of Edgar Allan Poe’s stories. The stories include the animations and sounds. You can interact with some of the featured animations. The four stories included in iPoe are The Oval Portrait, The Tell-Tale Heart, Annabel Lee, and The Masque of the Red Death. 

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