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SeeSaw Introduces SeeSaw Plus – Improved Skills Assessment Features

seesaw app icon SeeSaw, a popular digital portfolio service, has introduced a new offering called SeeSaw Plus. SeeSaw Plus gives teachers a bunch of useful new features. The best of those features is a tool for creating a list of standards and skills that students should demonstrate through the work they submit to their SeeSaw portfolios. Teachers can tag submitted work with a standard or skill rating. Teachers can then view a summary of ratings within SeeSaw in a section called Skills View. Watch the video below to learn more about the Skills View.

Some of the other key features of SeeSaw Plus include creating private notes on your students’ work. Those notes don’t appear in the students’ or parents’ view of the assignment. Teachers who are sharing SeeSaw classrooms can share private notes with each other.

SeeSaw Plus is included in SeeSaw for Schools subscriptions. You can also purchase SeeSaw Plus as a stand-alone product. The core SeeSaw product that has always been free is still free and unchanged.


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