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Seesaw TV for Apple TV – A Good Way to Showcase Students’ Work

seesaw app icon Over the last two school years Seesaw has quickly become a favorite tool for creating digital portfolios. Some of the great features in Seesaw include letting students join your classroom account by simply scanning a QR code, letting students add voice notes to artifacts in their portfolios, and enabling students to share portfolio artifacts directly to a classroom blog managed by their teachers.

Seesaw recently released an option for displaying portfolio artifacts through Apple TV. Seesaw TV can be found in the Apple TV App Store. Through Seesaw TV you can display student work, add emoji comments to their work, show slideshows of all of your students’ work or an individual student’s work, and view all details about an artifact.

Seesaw TV could provide you with a good way for students to give a presentation about their favorite lessons of the year or the work that they are most proud of.

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