Archive | November, 2015

Create Educational Games With Tap n’ Type from TinyTap

TinyTap is a popular tool for creating your own educational games. TinyTap lets you create educational games on your iPad. Games that you create can be played by your students on their iPads, Android tablets, or in the web browser on their laptops. Earlier this month TinyTap introduced a new game format that you can use. That […]

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A Comic Creation Contest for Kids

Last month comic templates were added to the popular Book Creator iPad app. Book Creator is hosting a contest to showcase those new templates. The contest is open to students under the age of 13. To enter students have to create a comic story by using the templates in the Book Creator iPad app. The […]

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A Fun App for Introducing Kids to Health Foods

Space Chef is a fun iPad app from the Lawrence Hall of Science. The purpose of the app is to introduce students to healthy foods and recipes that they may not have ever tried or even heard about. Space Chef features a fast-paced game in which students have to quickly grab the ingredients for a recipe. […]

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