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Firo – An Excellent App for Creating Music Tracks

firo Firo is an app, currently free, for creating music on your iPad. I’ve tried a lot of music creation apps over the years, Firo is as good or better than all of them.

Firo is intended to be a full-fledged music creation tool. It doesn’t contain tutorials or lessons on making music, that is up to you. What Firo provides is twelve instruments that you can play on the app’s digital keyboard. The keyboard includes keys for one-touch creation of chords to lay down as context for the rest of the song that you’re creating. You can create and record loops to as harmony to the melody you’re creating. Or you can reverse that and play your melody on a loop while working on your song’s harmony.

Completed Firo projects can be saved on your iPad, shared on SoundCloud, opened in iMovie, or saved as MIDI files to use in other projects.

Firo could be an excellent app for use in music classes in which students are learning about composition. The app could also be helpful in developing music for use in video projects.

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