Archive | June, 2015

TinyTap Introduces Insights to Track Your Students’ Progress on the Games You Make

TinyTap is a great iPad app for developing your own educational games. I’ve been a big supporter of the app since it launched a couple of years ago. This week TinyTap introduced a new feature called Insights through which you can track your students’ use of your games. TinyTap Insights enables you create student groups, distribute […]

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Endless Spanish – An App to Help Young Students Learn Spanish

From the same people that brought us the popular Endless Reader app comes Endless Spanish. Endless Spanish is an iPad app designed to help young students learn to speak and spell in Spanish. The app has an immersion mode and a translation mode. The immersion mode is completely in Spanish while the translation mode gives students […]

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DIY Lake Science – Simulations and Activities for Learning About Lakes

DIY Lake Science is a relatively new iPad app from the Lawrence Hall of Science. The free iPad app is designed to help students learn about lake ecosystems. In the app students will find a small simulation of a lake ecosystem. Students can change the depth of the lake, the temperature, and the general climate […]

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