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Little Story Creator – A Free App for Creating Multimedia Stories

Little Story Creator (not to be confused with the similar sounding Little Story Maker) is a free iPad app that students can use to create multimedia stories on their iPads. The app was designed with students in mind and is therefore rather easy to use. On the app students can create multiple page stories. On […]

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Talkboard – Sketch and Talk With Others in Realtime

Talkboard is a free iPad app from Citrix. Talkboard enables you to sketch on whiteboard while talking to collaborators at the same time. You can invite people to your talk board by sending them an email from the app, by Airdrop, or by posting a link for them them to click on their iPads. Within […]

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PicCollage for Kids – Create Multimedia Collages

PicCollage is one of my favorite apps for creating multimedia collages on my iPad. Creating those collages is a great way to visually summarize a trip, to tell a story, or showcase the highlights of research. I’ve shown PicCollage to hundreds of teachers over the last couple of years. The only complaint I’ve heard about […]

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5 Apps for Creating Digital Portfolios on iPads

As the end of the school year nears you may find yourself asking students to create collections of examples of their best work of the year. There are a lot of ways that your students could go about accomplishing that task. Here are five free apps that can be used for the purpose of creating […]

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PopBoardz – Organize and Present Collections of Images, Notes, and Links

PopBoardz is a free iPad app for organizing collections of images, videos, links, and notes. If you went by just that description you would think that PopBoardz is another Pinterest clone, but it’s not. Unlike Pinterest, PopBoardz is designed for organizing resources for yourself rather than publishing collections to the web. When you do want […]

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