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2/3 of These iPad Apps for Learning About Fractions are Free

I generally don’t get too excited about skill drill apps, but some of the cute and fun ones pull me in anyway. If you’re looking for some apps for your students to use to learn and practice their fractions skills, take a look at the following three options.

chicken coopChicken Coop Fractions is a fun game in which students have to select the decimal equivalents of the fractions shown on their screens. If they choose the correct decimal equivalent, the chicken egg will safely land in the nest. If students choose the incorrect decimal equivalent, the chicken egg splats outside of the nest. The game contains seven progressively more difficult levels for students to work through. Chicken Coop Fractions is free to install but to get much use out of it you will need purchase the game pack within the app.

Pizza Fractions 1 is a simple iPad game in which students are shown a pizza with slices missing. Students have to select the fraction that represents the number of slices left on the pizza plate. Students shake their iPads to generate new problems. Pizza Fractions 1 is the first of three apps in the Pizza Fractions series.

Zap Zap Fractions is a fun and free iPad app designed to help elementary school students learn about fractions. The app contains clear narrated visual lessons about the basics of fractions. After completing the lessons students can test their skills in recognizing fractions by playing the Zap Zap games. The games present students with a series of visuals that represent a fraction. Students have to select the correct fraction to “zap” the oncoming obstacles in the game.

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