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Ignite Teaching – Students Collaborating on Multimedia Projects

ignite teaching Ignite Teaching is a free iPad app that students can use to collaborate on the development of multimedia projects. Through Ignite Teaching teachers can create project titles that they share with students through an invitation code. Students then join the project and build slides that include pictures, text, and video. Students can work on their contributions to the project at their own pace. When they are finished working on the project, students submit their work and their teacher can see it in his or her account.

Ignite Teaching allows teachers to create multiple projects and have multiple projects running at the same time. This means that teachers could create small group projects instead of whole class projects to complete in Ignite Teaching. It is also possible to have students work on independent projects in Ignite Teaching.

Ignite Teaching also offers a web-based version of their service. I tried the web-based version and found it rather glitchy compared to the iPad version.

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