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Adobe Slate – Yet Another Way to Create a Photo Story

adobe_slate For the last week I’ve seen lots of people Tweeting and blogging about Abode’s new iPad app for visual storytelling. The free iPad app is called Adobe Slate. I finally gave it a try this morning.

Adobe Slate is designed to help you create a visual story from the pictures on your iPad, from the web, from an Adobe online account, or from a Dropbox account. You start your story by importing a cover picture and writing story title. You then add pictures one-by-one and write captions for each. You can also write headlines for each image. One convenient feature of Adobe Slate is that the integrated image search tool will import Creative Commons attributions with the images you select. Adobe Slate has a dozen or so filters or themes that you can apply to your story. Completed stories can be published online through a variety of channels including Adobe’s platform, Facebook, Twitter, or embedding into a blog post.

Adobe Slate is a nice tool, but it doesn’t stand out as being any better than Storehouse, Tackk, Haiku Deck or any number of similar options. All of those tools and Adobe Slate provide a nice way for students to share the highlights of a personal story or share the highlights of an online research activity.

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