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iDinoBook – A Nice iPad App About Dinosaurs

idinobook Dinosaur Hook HD: iDinoBook is a nice iPad app all about dinosaurs. The app features a map depicting many of the places that dinosaur fossils have been found around the world. Tap on the placemarks on the map to see an index of the dinosaurs found in that location. After opening the index you can select a dinosaur and read more about it. Images of fossils and artistic renderings of each dinosaur are included throughout the app.

After studying the dinosaurs in the app you can test your knowledge by taking a quiz. There are two quiz modes; continuous and limited. In the continuous mode you try to answer as many questions as possible without getting any wrong. A wrong answer kicks you out of the continuous mode. The limited mode presents fifteen questions. In the limited mode if you answer incorrectly you can tap the “WWW” icon to search the web for the correct answer and try the question again.

I downloaded iDinoBook a couple of weeks ago. At that time it was free. It is now listed at $2.99. As a free app it’s good, but I’m not sure that I’d pay $2.99 for it. If you’re interested in trying the app, bookmark it and keep an eye out for a price drop.

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