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Letter Way – A Fun Game to Practice Recognizing and Spelling Words

letterway Letter Way is a fun and free iPad app to use to practice recognizing and spelling words. The game presents you with a grid of letter blocks that you have to flip and drag to spell words. The beginning levels of the game have grids of 25 letters. As you progress through the levels the grids expand and the number of words that you have to spell in each level increases too. To progress through the levels you have to clear the board by using all of the letters at least once.

letter way in action

In my testing of Letter Way it did not seem possible to time-out of a level which is a nice thing if you want students to focus on spelling words correctly without the stress of a time limit.

If Letter Way doesn’t offer what you’re looking for in a spelling game, take a look at this collection of eight spelling apps for iPads.


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