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iDinoBook – A Nice iPad App About Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Hook HD: iDinoBook is a nice iPad app all about dinosaurs. The app features a map depicting many of the places that dinosaur fossils have been found around the world. Tap on the placemarks on the map to see an index of the dinosaurs found in that location. After opening the index you can […]

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Create Simple Whiteboard Videos on ScreenChomp

ScreenChomp has been around for a few years now. In fact, I think it was one of the first apps of its kind. While other whiteboard apps have come along and offered more features, ScreenChomp remains as a simple and free tool for creating whiteboard videos. So when a reader asked me earlier this week […]

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JFK Challenge Teaches Students About the Space Race and Peace Corps

JFK Challenge is a new iPad app designed to help elementary and middle school students learn about the Apollo missions and the Peace Corps. The free app features a series of games for learning about each program. I played the first couple of games about the Peace Corps and the first couple of games about […]

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Letter Way – A Fun Game to Practice Recognizing and Spelling Words

Letter Way is a fun and free iPad app to use to practice recognizing and spelling words. The game presents you with a grid of letter blocks that you have to flip and drag to spell words. The beginning levels of the game have grids of 25 letters. As you progress through the levels the […]

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Paper – A Sketching App Now Free for Everyone

Paper is an iPad app for sketching and creating free-hand outlines. I’ve seen a lot of people use it over the last year, but I couldn’t get myself to pay for it when there were other good sketching apps available for free. Last night I received an email from Paper’s marketing department in which they […]

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