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Try RefME’s iPad App for Quickly Organizing Reference Lists

refme RefME is a service designed to help students create citations and organize bibliographies. The free RefME iPad app enables students to scan the barcode on a book, periodical, CD cases, and many other media cases to have a citation formatted for that item. RefME provides more than 6,500 citation and bibliography formats for students to use.

I tried RefME’s free iPad app this afternoon and found it easy to use. To get started open the app and create a RefME account. After creating an account create your first project in RefME. A project is essentially a folder for the citations that you are going to create for a paper. Select your project then add a reference by scanning the barcode on a book or other media. When you have finished scanning all of your references (you can also add references manually) you can export your list of citations to Evernote, email the list to yourself, or create a Word document from the RefME website.

reme in action

RefME could be a fantastic tool for students to use as they develop research projects. The app could be particularly handy when students are using books or periodicals that the cannot take out of the library.

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