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Weebly for iPad – Create and Manage Websites

weebly Weebly, a popular website creation service, has offered an iPhone app for a couple of years. This morning I learned that they now offer a free iPad app too. Weebly’s free iPad app allows you to create a new website from scratch. After creating your website with the app you will be able to manage nearly all aspects of your site from your iPad. The drag-and-drop website building process that made Weebly popular as a browser-based tool is found in the new iPad app. Select a site component from the menu of options and drag it into the editor to build your site one component at a time. Watch the video embedded below for a short overview of Weebly’s free iPad app.

If you’re looking for an iPad-friendly tool for developing a classroom website or for your students to use to create digital portfolios, take a look at Weebly’s iPad app. Speaking of digital portfolios for students, Weebly for Education allows teachers to manage their students’ accounts.

Weebly’s iPad app does require you to be updated to iOS 8.

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