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Morfo + Aurasma = Augmented Reality Book Trailers

Screen-Shot-2014-06-26-at-6.05.58-PM Last week at the ACTEM conference I showed some folks possible uses for the Morfo 3D Faces app and the Aurasma iPad app.

Morfo 3D Faces is an iPad app that you can use to create a talking picture of person’s face. You can take a picture of a person or you can take a picture of a picture of a person (for example, taking a picture of a picture of a person in a book). Once you’ve captured the picture you can customize the face by altering the eyes, mouth, and nose to move as you talk. After customizing the picture you can record yourself talking.

Aurasma is a free app for iPads, iPhones, and  Android devices. Using Aurasma you can create augmented reality layers, Aurasma calls them “auras,” that pop-up when you scan objects with your phone or tablet. The layers that you create can include image or video files that are stored on your iPad.

Morfo + Aurasma = Augmented Reality Book Trailers.

Morfo files can be saved directly to your iPad as small video files. If you have students create short Morfos about characters from a book those files can be added to Aurasma auras. Students can create auras that appear when the cover a book is scanned with an iPad or Android device that has Aurasma installed on it. Make the Aurasma auras public and your students could develop a catalog of augmented reality book trailers for other students to enjoy while getting book recommendations.

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