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Marco Polo Weather – A Fun App About Weather

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 9.09.44 AM Marco Polo Weather is a new iPad app designed to help young students learn about weather. The app features cute little animated characters that children can move and dress. Children can also alter the setting surrounding their characters. Changing the setting includes changing the weather from sunny to cloudy, from warm to cold, from calm to windy, and from raining to snowing. Of course, children can combine those variables to develop almost any type of weather condition. As children change the weather they will hear a narrator explain the weather. For example, when children select rain the narrator explains what rain is.

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Marco Polo Weather doesn’t provide the most scientific or thorough explanations that you’ll find, but they are adequate for the audience that app is intended to educate. The app is free, but it does require an in-app purchase to unlock all of the available weather variables.

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