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Gooru for iPad Updated to Include Progress Reports

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 2.26.46 PM As I wrote on Free Technology for Teachers earlier today, Gooru has dropped the beta label and added new features. Included in that list of new features is an update to the free Gooru iPad app. Now teachers using Gooru to create and share collections of educational materials can also use the iPad app to monitor their students’ progress through those collections.

Gooru’s appeal is in the ease with which you can create collections of videos, images, and interactive websites to use as part of a flipped lesson. Being able to add quiz questions for students to answer as they go through one of the units you’ve created is the feature of Gooru that I like best. Now through the Gooru iPad app you can monitor your students’ progress by seeing how much time they spend on a collection and how they respond to your quiz questions.

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