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Fetchnotes Adds an Intuitive Reminder Option to Task Management

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 2.10.54 PM Fetchnotes is a simple service for creating and organizing notes for yourself. The Fetchnotes iOS app was updated today to make it easy to add reminders to your notes. Fetchnotes lets you set reminders by general time of day like “tomorrow afternoon” instead of a specific time like 10:34am. Of course, if you want to be that specific you can be.

If you haven’t tried Fetchnotes, I recommend giving it a try. Organizing your notes on Fetchnotes is quite simple. When you write a note, just use a hashtag to label your note. Then whenever you want to search for a note just enter a hashtag. For example, if I was a student taking notes in a history course I might use the hashtag “#revolution” for all notes related to revolutions. Then I could go back and read all of my notes about revolution by just searching for that hashtag.

Fetchnotes lets you create groups of people with whom you share notes. When you want to share a note with someone else in your group just add @ before that person’s name to have the task appear on your list and his or her list.

In addition to being available through the free iPad app, Fetchnotes can be used in your web browser. Fetchnotes also offers a free Android app.

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