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Two iPad Apps to Help You Reduce Paper Consumption in Your Classroom

clerk-18915_640 I don’t know any teacher that doesn’t want to reduce the number of papers he or she has to collect and organize. These two apps will help you do just that.

Three Ring is a free service for digitizing and organizing your students’ physical work. With the free app installed on your iPad or iPhone you can take a picture of a student’s written assignment and upload it to your Three Ring account. In your Three Ring account you can add notes about the assignment for yourself, the student, and the student’s parents to see. You can create folders for each student in each of your classes.

Hello Sign is a service that allows you to digitally sign documents. Hello Sign can be used on your computer, on your iPhone, and on your iPad. On your iPhone or iPad you can use Hello Sign by selecting a document or by taking a picture of a document. I have demonstrated the app to many people over the last year and everyone has been impressed by how easy it is to use. I just open the app, log into my Hello Sign account, and snap a picture of a document. After the picture was captured I have the option to apply a stored signature or sign the document using my finger on my iPad screen.

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