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AudioCopy – A Simple App for Creating and Sharing Audio Recordings

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 7.58.58 PM AudioCopy is a free iPad app that makes it easy to record and share audio files. To use AudioCopy simply open the app, tap the red record button, and start talking. You can use the app to trim the end and beginning of your recording and normalize sound fluctuations. Your finished recording can be published to SoundCloud or any of the 197 apps that are compatible with AudioCopy.

AudioCopy could be a great app for students to use to record short audio interviews or to create audio messages to use as blog posts. Teacher could use the app to record short audio notes to use as replacements for written substitute teacher lesson plans. I often use audio recordings to deliver substitute teacher plans so that my students would hear the plan for the day directly from me as I wanted them to hear it.

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