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Experience America HD Showcases Common Tourist Attractions

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 8.36.30 PMExperience America HD Magazine is a free iPad app produced by USA Today. The app features popular tourist attractions around the United States. The app is populated with lots of “top ten places to see for X” articles which are nice even though they’re not terribly informative. The best aspect of the app is the National Parks section that contains a mix of text and image essays about U.S. National Parks. A small collection of videos about travel in the United States is also found in Experience America HD Magazine.

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Experience America HD Magazine could be a good app to have students use as part of a geography lesson about the United States. For example, one of the projects that one of my geography classes did was create a plan for traveling across the United States and stopping to see landmarks that represented human geography and physical geography in each state.

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