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Animation Desk Premium – Free for a Limited Time

animation The premium version of one of my favorite video creation apps, Animation Desk, is free today (At least in the U.S. I have not verified availability outside of the United States). Animation Desk is an iPad app for creating short, animated videos. The app allows you to create drawings using just your finger on your iPad’s screen. In each scene you can include as little or as much as you want to draw on the canvas. There are a few different brush and pencil effects that you can use in your drawings. The opacity of the colors you choose can be altered too. When you have completed drawing all of your scenes hit the play button to watch your animation unfold. If you’re happy with your animation you can export it to YouTube or save it to your iPad’s camera roll. Watch the video below for a demonstration of the app.

Animation Desk Lite | screencast tutorial from School Library Journal on Vimeo.

By the way, I discovered that Animation Desk was free today through Apps Gone Free. Every day Apps Gone Free lists paid apps that are available for free for a limited time.

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