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Meet Science Teaches Kids About Electricity and Magnetism

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 6.55.41 PM Meet Science is an iPad app through which elementary school and middle school students can learn about the basic concepts of magnetism and small electric circuits. There are four primary parts to the Meet Science app; a glossary of terms, narrated lessons with quizzes, games to which students apply their knowledge, and directions for experiments to conduct offline with adult supervision.

The Meet Science glossary contains key words and terms as well mini-biographies of scientists. All of the text in the glossary is read aloud to students. The glossary contains a bookmarking tool that students can use to save the terms and definitions they’re studying through the app.

In the lesson section of Meet Science students flip through seven lessons on magnetism and electricity. Within each lesson there are diagrams (some interactive) and quizzes to check for understanding. Just like in the glossary, all of the text in the lessons is read aloud to the students.

The games section of Meet Science is the only section that wasn’t immediately clear to me during my testing of the app. Perhaps it is because I didn’t study enough beforehand or because I don’t play games on a regular basis, but either way I found the games not intuitive to play. That said, in reading about the games they did appear to be designed to match the lessons that students complete in the app.

Meet Science is currently available for $4.99.

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