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Play Magnus – Play and Learn Chess With a Grandmaster

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 9.51.24 AM Play Magnus is a freemium iOS app that allows you to learn and play chess against chess grandmaster Magnus Carlsen. The app contains video lessons that demonstrate both the basics of chess and advanced strategies of the game. After watching a lesson or two you can challenge Magnus to a game of chess. You can challenge Magnus at each age of his development from ages five through twenty-three. I was able to beat Magnus as a five year old. The twelve-years-old Magnus beat me rather quickly.

Play Magnus is listed in the App Store as an iPhone app, but it worked perfectly well on my iPad. Play Magnus offers an in-app purchase to remove ads (the ads appear between screens, not while playing a game) and in-app purchases to access advanced tutorials.

H/T to Open Culture

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